Stress Management

Stress is becoming one of the most prevalent causes of any chronic diseases in our lives today. The more advanced societies, the more pressure people will feel in their daily lives.

Stress is fight or flight, either fighting as hard as you can or running away as quickly as possible. For instance, when we are chased by a lion, this is stress! So, it sounds like a protective event against damages and even premature death is required! Then why should it be a bad thing?

The problem is that it has become a constant issue in many of us and we are stressed all the time! People have a problem when is becomes chronic.

What stress does to the body is that it draws blood from the gut (viscera) and sends it to the limbs instead! Remember, it is fight or flight! When there is not enough circulation in the gut, there will not be enough power to support the digestion either. A good circulation is the key for a good health.

As a result, not only digestion becomes a burden, but we can’t absorb nutrients either. After a while, the nutritional deficiency overwhelms all the cells in the body.
At the same time, stress is the most acidifying factor in our body. When the body is acidic, it becomes predisposed to degeneration. It just starts to dissolve by itself. The tissues and organs basically melt in the excessive acid. Health, on the other hand, is alkaline!

Stress could be:

  • Physical (i.e. sickness) or the result of an experience in life like traumatic memories
  • Social, political, financial, environmental, …
  • Mental (negative thoughts, work challenges)
  • Emotional (always angry, worried or afraid)
  • Spiritual (guilt, forgiveness issues)
  • Or seen mainly in combination!!!

The Quantum Biofeedback technology is an FDA approved device to assess and treat the parameters of stress. The awareness to the client generated from this powerful system I use will also do a great part of the required healing. Some nutritional supplements and herbal extract could also do miracles. This is a true treatment for stress when people understand the factors of stress in them and take an active role in restoring their own health!