(Rife) Frequency Therapy

I use a fascinating technology invented and introduced by professor Rife in the 1920’s and the 1930’s to eliminate pathogenic microorganism based on hyper-energizing them with their compatible radio frequencies. This technology can be used very safely in supporting many health problems and helping the recovery and rejuvenation. It does work on calming and relaxation greatly.

The Story of Professor Rife:
In the 1920’s and the 1930’s, Dr Royal Raymond Rife, a brilliant physicist and a bacteriologist discovered a very unique and inexpensive way of curing cancer since he discovered at that time that cancer was created as a result of microbial infections (parasites and viruses). He was therefore successful in clearing many of these stubborn microbes which are still today causing difficult diseases such as AIDS. In one attempt, he worked on 16 terminal cancer patients which were given to him by the University of Southern California. The hospital had already given up on these patients and no chemo or radiation therapy was affecting them anymore! The patients were accompanied by two oncologists. In a 3-month period, all of them were totally cured with no sign of cancer in any one of them. He had invented the Universal Microscope with 5,682 parts. It was an optical microscope and a miraculous machine that had about 50,000-time magnification power. It could see things smaller than waves of light (which was then and is still today thought to be impossible). Rife was the first to see a live virus. Today’s electron microscopes see viruses, but they destroy them in the process through the bombardment of electrons. Today, the cause for cancer is much more complicated since no chemical pollution was released in the Earth’s environment at that time.

Rife was probably one of the most brilliant (not to mention persistent) scientists ever to have walked upon this planet. He won 14 awards from the government for his research and was given an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidelberg.

While examining bacteria and viruses, Rife noticed that each one gave off a distinct light (or colour) pattern. (In the late sixties it was discovered that every living cell actually gives off light and the healthier the cell the healthier the light; conversely the sicker the cell the weaker the light. But this research by Rife was done in the twenties using technology Rife himself invented. So Rife began to experiment with instruments he invented that oscillated at the frequencies he’d determined from the organisms (bacteria and viruses) and he discovered that by playing back their own pattern of oscillation, slightly modified, he could destroy them without affecting the tissues around them. In other words, Rife could kill a particular virus or bacterium using light frequencies alone, frequencies that were absolutely harmless to the host animal, but deadly to the microbe.