Quantum Urine Analysis

As an indirect measurement, Quantum Urine Analysis is designed to assess the energetic imprints of events happening to a human during his or her life experience. Similar to the Emoto effect (the Hidden Message in the Water by Masaru Emoto), the water of the blood (urine) can energetically record, store and carry memories and information. In general, cells are electromagnetic entities generating and reacting to various energetic stimuli. The reaction to those stimuli could determine a person’s current state of balance.

This energetic analysis of a urine sample could provide a comprehensive overview of the overall health and functions in biological tissues, good enough to create a deeper understanding and therefore to help creating a more harmonic approach to health and balance and to support the natural flow.

The Quantum urine test therefore, could reveal the possible causes of function disturbance of organs/systems whether it is microbial (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites), toxic or others. This could be considered as indications of the immune system integrity as well as the detoxification abilities and so on. Many functions and organs are listed to test and are checked in details.
For instance, in the presence of toxicity or microbial imbalances, the balance of the function (health) is lost, compromising the overall body performance. The Quantum Urine Analysis could reveal in such cases the existence or the influence of such conditions on the body.

Food intolerances and sensitives are also important to be recognised and removed for a better recovery since they happen mainly due to weaknesses in the digestive function and could block the healing process in any chronic condition. This by itself is the cause of many allergic reactions from eczema and itching and foggy mind to disturbed sleeping pattern and lack of concentration, not to mention the adverse effects of enormous nutritional deficiencies which follow gradually by time. Like many other issues, they could also be checked by the Quantum Urine Analysis too.