Quantum Medicine; the Advance Science of the 21st Century!

The most advanced medical science of the 21st century and a true understanding of the creation and life

Let your body talk!

Quantum Medicine is a “body, emotion, mind and spirit” philosophical approach to the concept of health and diseases. It is designed to detect and analyse energy signals from any specific biological target at both its matter and non-matter state.

Energy is information

By analysing the energy signals of a biological target at the Quantum level, it is very much possible to accurately collect valuable information about the physical parts of the body (such as cells, organs, and system functions), as well as to understand and deal with emotional blockages (assessment of the vital force or the morphogenetic field), as well as the mind field (thoughts and beliefs) surrounding and governing the physical body. This goes beyond the concept of time and space, so the traumas of the past and concerns of the future are also assessed here too.

The vital force is the field of energy immediately surrounding the physical body. This is where the aura and chakras exist. Acupuncture meridians run through this field of energy. It is also where homeopathy inserts its effects. Overall, a large body of information is held there which is crucial to understand general body functions and the quality of health.

Mind is the next field of energy which goes beyond other levels of energy, surrounding the physical body and covers the entire system of the body and the vital force. This is where our thoughts and beliefs are held. It is stronger than the previous fields of energy and therefore, it has deeper impacts on the quality of our health and future diseases. Mind fields are very strong in determining the boundaries around a person and what can be achieved throughout the life experience. All these fields of energies are magnetic forces impacting our body functions at any level.

Quantum mechanics (the physics of very small particle fractions) is the science of consciousness and spirituality in creation. It proves that creation is NOT a random event at all and rather, it is highly organized and precalculated.

It proves that the universe is aware. This is contrary to the concept of the conventional medicine with the classical biology of Darwinism! Therefore, it could easily prove the influence of one’s perspective and perceptions, including feelings and beliefs in one’s surroundings and the environment. These are determinant factors in designing and achieving the quality of health and life one can get. So, we are the creator of our lives!
The discovery of how matter behaves at the quantum level (very small particles) has opened up a whole new insight to understanding the essence of the creation and everything else within it! Now, there are easy and rational answers to questions such as “life after death” and “the existence of God”. The science of Quantum mechanics, when applied to life and health also helps us to understand how people are responsible for what they achieve in their lives, as well as the quality of their health. People who still deny acceptance of such information would just have to educate themselves on the new science and not to deny it out of lack of knowledge.

Using Quantum analysis in medicine, and without any pain or side effect, it is easily possible to find out about possibilities of allergies (intolerance, sensitivities), the presence of active microbes in the body (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc.), the root causes for chronic diseases and old pain, as well as stress factors.

Quantum Medicine and Naturopathy

Quantum Medicine completely and thoroughly supports the science of naturopathy. It looks at the person as a whole with the combination of the vital energies along with the physical body itself. At the same time, it is connected to everything else in the universe!

Quantum Medicine VS Conventional Medicine

The scientific basis of the Conventional biology and the Orthodox or Conventional Medicine is the Classical mechanics. It is the physics of matters – anything tangible and measurable to the senses or by the equipment used in physics or biology laboratories.

Quantum Medicine, on the other hand, utilizes the science of Quantum mechanics (the physics of very small particles) to understand the fundamental concepts of life, as well as health and sickness in a much broader way.

At the level of small particles (the subatomic world), everything is interconnected. That is how in Quantum Medicine the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body are all connected together as one holistic view.

Additionally, and unlike the conventional science which sees consciousness as a result of the brain function (the upward causation), in Quantum science it is proven that the creation itself is the result of consciousness (downward causation). In another word, consciousness is the ground of all being.

Therefore, Quantum Medicine helps us understand the connections between Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit as a whole, as well as the connection to the past and future and to everything else around us in the universe including to our environment, our thoughts and beliefs.

The Nature of Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are the result of wrong meaning by the mind to an event or experience in life. In fact, how we feel about ourselves, as well as our thoughts and beliefs determine who we are and what kind of life we have.

To know more about the root of a condition/disease and to treat or prevent that, it is crucial to understand and evaluate different factors not only in the physical body, but also in the levels of Emotions, Mind and Spirit. Other considerations include the lifestyle, environment, past traumas, various stagnations, unresolved mental and emotional factors and so on.

For this purpose, assessing and evaluating the energy signals of the body can help us magnificently to understand more. Energy is information and hence, the energy signals of the body can reveal a lot of details, including the quality of health, future threats and susceptibilities or predisposition to future diseases.