Migraine and other forms of Headache

Migraine is s specific form of headache which results when the circulation to the brain is compromised. Migraine pain and discomfort could be sudden and severe and could last for many days. The most prominent quality of migraine is the throbbing sensation of the pain.

The causes of migraine vary from food allergies to stress and hormonal imbalances. But most important factors in migraine are the state of toxicity of the blood and the postural imbalances or blockages, especially around the neck, upper shoulders, and the base of the skull.

A successful therapy for migraine should consist of:

  • The recognition and therefore the elimination of food sensitivities/intolerances and other allergies. This is easily done by using a Quantum Biofeedback device such as Indigo. Food sensitivities have to be treated before any long-lasting healing could take place.
  • Cleansing the liver, blood and body fluid/environment of the body from toxic load by using specially designed natural medicine and individualized dietary advice.
  • Physical alignment of the neck and shoulder structure by resetting the tone of the muscles of neck and shoulder out of long-term spasm, allowing healing of the tissues around. A Tesla Pulsed Electro-magnetic therapy machine is also used to accelerate the healing.
  • There is a strong chance of full recovery (above 90%) unless people do not stay responsible to their health.
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