Infertility & IVF Support, Male & Female Problems

There are many reasons today for the extensive infertility problem people face. From vast hormone-disrupting chemicals overwhelming our food, water and environment to emotional tensions to the excessive use of hormones as contraceptives/HRT, as well as to stimulate larger food productions are becoming more and more of a negative issue today. Women and men mostly decide to create families on older age and stress has become the most debilitating concern of our health in our fast-moving societies. IVF attempts are progressively less successful and by itself, it creates even more stress. Additionally, various medical investigation and reports show that the man today carries about only 50% of its sperm count of only 50 years ago.

Fertility is easier, of course, when people are more in tune with nature and healthier. Health is the state of balance. If blood is fresher with less toxicity, if the liver is less under pressure, if hormones are more balanced and if allergies and inflammation are in control, then getting pregnant, which is a natural function in a woman, should not be too difficult.

Naturopathic Medicine and Quantum approach to health and vitality follows the goal of healthier bodies and therefore, they can help couples to get rid of the blockages in their physical bodies, as well as their energy systems (emotion, mind and spirit) much more efficiently and hence creating a better flow in achieving their goals in life including a better fertility and higher ability for a more successful pregnancy.