General Quantum Analysis

Quantum devices are a very advanced and non-invasive 21st century technologies based on the laws of Quantum Mechanics in physics. They are designed to record subconscious reactions of a person (even animals) to various energetic stimuli. Like ECG or EEG devices, the quantum machines are designed to receive and analyse signals emitted by the body to show where any blockage could exist. It is basically a tool to allow the physicians to read the body signals for a better understanding the state of health, the body as well as the energy system governing the body. In the case of an infant or a small child, it acts as if the baby speaks out about what is not balance!
The Quantum machines do analysis of the body, emotions, and mind. They are sophisticated. EPFX systems (Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid) are FDA approved. During the test at the clinic, the client remains connected to the device for a profound analysis. More than 11,000 items are challenged energetically to understand the quality of the functions in the person’s by recording the subconscious signals emitted by the client while exposed to various energy stimuli.

With this test, it is possible to analyze and determine the quality of organs and system functions such as:

  • Immunity (assessment of active microbes in the body such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites)
  • Digestion (nutritional deficiencies, excess, allergies and sensitivities, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbs, fats, various vitamins such as A, about 20 forms of B vitamins, C, D, E, essential fatty acids (EFA), Co Q enzymes (the power of heart and muscles), tissue salts and many more
  • Stress and adrenal evaluation
  • Toxicity (liver and blood quality)
  • Aura and chakras assessment
  • Acupuncture meridians
  • Mental NLP programme
  • Stress factors and adrenals
  • Old traumas
    And many more…