Chronic and Degenerative Disc Prolapse

We offer a unique, NON- Surgical method of therapy for relieving pain and discomfort due to a disc problem in the back is by healing the Damaged Disc Structures – with an amazing outcome.

This treatment is suitable for:

  • Localized nagging or sudden sharp pain in the back
  • Numbness in hands, fingers, toes
  • Pain in the wrist area and behind the leg(s)
  • Lack of power with fingers to grab and hold things
  • Tingling sensation of the fingers, hands and toes
  • Shooting pain to the chest area along the ribs
  • Shooting pain to the leg(s)

Treatment Combination Process – How it is Done:

  • Muscular Retuning and Old-spasm Relief to alleviate the excessive pull or push from the vertebral bodies (a specific Dry-Needling technique using thin needles)
  • Anabolic Nutritional Supplements to stimulate healing and tissue rebuilding
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy for rejuvenating the cells and enhancing their electrical power for a faster and more reliable recovery
  • Possible application of Ozone

Prevention and Maintenance requires gentle and regular stretching exercise to keep the back muscles and joints flexible.

The spinal column is the most important structure of the body. Everything else is built upon that framework. There are 33 pieces of bones which are positioned on the top of each other in a balanced mode. Except the last 5 which are fused, they are separated from each other with a layer of cartilage. This is to give the cushion quality to the back bones and to make it possible to move on each other for side-turning and twisting the upper body.

The position of these bones on the top of each other should be in a balanced manner, like the position of the wheels of a vehicle completely parallel in respect to each other. Imagine if one of the wheels is twisted or tilted slightly inward or outward. What will happen then to the tyres and later to the front of the car and to the quality of the driving ultimately?

The nerve roots exiting the spinal cord at the side of each vertebra act as electrical wires, sending an appropriate signal to the organ ahead to dictate how to function, fast or slow. This is called “Homeostasis”. Health is the state of balance, and the body needs the neural pathway to conduct the messages from the brain or spinal cord to the rest of the body.

During the degeneration of vertebral discs, there will be excessive pressure on the nerve roots around the spine. The pain will travel along the nerve and could be felt throughout the limb, especially around the end. This is diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Paraesthesia of the fingers/hands or Sciatica and so on.

Surgery should be the very last option if nothing else works since it could cause additional scars and other related long-term problems.