Cancer Support & Alternative Cancer Therapies

The most difficult part of cancer treatment is due to its metastasis – a quality that malignant cancer cells show when they move and invade other tissues. By the time a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is already in stage 3 or 4. In both of these scenarios, the cancer cells are already progressed to other tissues. Generally, the chemo or radiation agents are applied to the entire body or at least to a large portion of the body to kill them. As a result, many other cells are killed leading to irreversible damage by the treatment. The key to a successful cancer treatment is to find the cancer cells as early as possible.

Despite the aggressiveness of malignant cancer, the cancer cells need certain environment to thrive. They include acidity of the tissue, lack of oxygen inside the cells and also blockages in the circulation of life/energy in the area. If these elements, along with mental predisposition factors to cancer are addressed correctly, it is very much possible to help cancer patients to reduce their pain and problem to a minimum extend, even though cancer itself could still continue. The life of the cancer patients under these treatments is miserable. Reducing the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy is such a blessing. It is highly possible and it has been done for years in our practice.

Based on the quantum and naturopathic approach, it is not very difficult to improve the quality of life of cancer patients even at the time of chemo and radiation. It makes their lives easier and less painful during the harsh conventional treatments of the cancer. But prevention is a lot easier and less costly than treatment. Today, it is possible to detect cancer cells in advance in many cases way before any actual tumour take shape!