Autism & ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Autism is NOT a disease, but rather, a condition of disconnection where the Central Nervous System (CNS) loses its grip in controlling and regulating the overall functions of the body. When the balance is lost, the function is lost. Basically, as if nothing works properly in the body of these children! Immunity is out of the balance and that is why there are so many microbes such as viruses, bacteria parasites or fungi are active in them (in the urine of autistic children, Tartaric acid, which is a sole product of yeast, can be found up to 600 times more than what it is in a sample of a healthy child!!!). The digestive system is also out of the balance and therefore there are many food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. They cannot just digest to the end! And let me tell you that when the digestion is not working well, absorption of the essential nutrients become compromised too. So many nutritional deficiencies (minerals, vitamins and so on) are found in them at large. Other areas such as hormone systems and neurotransmitters (local hormones in the brain and nerves) go off the balance too. So, the communications systems of the body and the central nervous system cannot act normal and that is one of the reasons why they are not able to express themselves, talk, learn, or communicate properly. Their bodies also become overloaded with toxins due to excessive production of them, as well as the inability to excrete them properly! To make things easier to understand, let us compare the human body to a country. In these cases, their bodies from inside look like a country that has been invaded and the protective army and police forces are incapable of defending its residence while there is lots of loitering around and no one is safe. In the cities of this country, destruction and damage is seen everywhere. No municipality worker is active and therefore, you will then see piles of garbage everywhere, causing lots of bad smell and contaminations leading to overgrowth of insects and rats; and of course, the bad smell everywhere!
The way to treat them therefore is to recognize the causes of imbalances in them and remove them as much as possible. This will allow the body to regain its control over the functions and improvements start to appear one after another. The results in most of the cases are remarkable. After that, other supporting therapies such as speech, occupational, ABA, etc., will be more effective and will last longer. Basically, the biochemistry of the body will be more balanced than before.