Allergy Testing (Food and Environmental Sensitivities/ Intolerance)

Allergy testing has never been easier before. Thanks to the 21st century Quantum technology, an FDA approved device based of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), it is easy to measure the energetic reaction of an individual to various stimuli from food to environmental factors. It is non-invasive, accurate and free of pain or blood sampling and discomfort. Therefore, it makes it very suitable for infants, babies, children and even adults who are looking for an easier and more accurate ways of testing!
Thousands of items could be checked and assessed instantly which makes it a unique approach for having a broader understanding of the causes, as well as the items to trigger an allergic response!
There are also other ways to measure and assess the reaction of a person to possible allergens. In many medical clinics, blood samples are obtained to measure the inflammatory markers or the immune markers such as immunoglobulins (IG)! However, there are limitations on this such as the number of the items to be tested and other difficulties including puncturing the body for taking blood. That makes children very agitated and frightened of course! Also performed is at least a three times more expensive and no reliable treatment.