About Dr. Parviz Rashvand, ND, Ph.D

Dr. Parviz Rashvand, ND, Ph.D

Dr. Parviz is a pioneer in many areas of Alternative Medicine such as Naturopathy and Quantum medicine. His training started in the conventional medical universities in the mid-1980s in Iran. At the time, he served as paramedics in the post-war era in Iran. He then studied dentistry for some time. But he shifted the path of his medical studies later on and he achieved a degree in Naturopathic Medicine in Canada. In 2017, he received a Ph.D degree in Quantum and Integrative Medicine from a US based University.


Dr. Parviz Rashvand is also a pioneer of the new alternative natural medicine in the Middle East. Not only did he become the first naturopath registered in the UAE, but he also introduced the very first Quantum medical device in the UAE. This is an FDA approved EPFX system. More particularly it is an energy evaluating and recording device which operates based on the laws and the science of Quantum Mechanics.

In his private practice, Dr. Parviz has learned to utilize the new science of Quantum Medicine in his approach in assessing health and vitality of his clients. He is extremely passionate about his work and he helps patients who suffer from cancer, degenerative diseases, Autism and other severe auto-immune conditions. He says: “Naturopathy is the art of improving the quality of health” and the quantum medicine knowledge is the real science to explain it. His patient referrals are based on the word of mouth and both he and his patients see amazing results in the majority of cases.

Dr. Parviz Rashvand has the vision, the passionate drive and the professional capability to bring advanced, proven and very unique medical services to the world’s health market. His strong passion, his clear vision, his level of excellence and the absolute level of commitment are some of his key points.

Dr. Parviz Rashvand is the first registered western-trained naturopathic doctor in the UAE.

I am a Canadian Licensed Naturopathic physician with an independent status and active UAE practice since June 2004.
As a Naturopathic/ Complementary Medical practitioner in an integrative medical clinic, I am offering a holistic view of patient care based on the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine in prevention and improvement of health which covers treatment of diseases and other health abnormalities as well.
In my clinical practice, my focus is mainly on the discovery and addressing the roots of the disease, rather than just working on the symptom. The ultimate goal of my treatments, therefore, is to re-establish the state of balance.

Health is the State of Balance!

Hence in my work, I incorporate the body/ emotion/ mind and spirit approach while considering the quality of life-style, thoughts, habits, beliefs, and so on in the client.
In another words, my medical practice is based on improving the ability of the clients to adjust with the rapid changes in life and the environment. For this reason, in my testing and evaluations, I look for signs and symptoms of toxicity, allergies/ sensitivities and intolerances, immune system weakness and imbalances (subtle presence of active microbes within the body), digestive system obstacles, elements of stress (at any level) and so on which could mainly result in health abnormalities such as chronic & degenerative diseases and cognitive disorders.
 My practice is incorporated with the work of highly talented scientists from different parts of the world who share the similar approach to health and vitality. To gain information about a client’s condition, I use Quantum diagnostic techniques, a methodology based on Quantum Mechanics for energetic evaluation of human body’s energetic parameters (at all the levels of vital, mental, spiritual and the bliss, in addition to the physical realm) to unravel the unknowns! This is regardless of distance or time!

In the health philosophy which I follow

1- Diseases in general are the result of inabilities to maintain free follow of energy (life) and existence of blockages which can be manifested at physical, vital, mental and/ or spiritual level of being and;
2- Chronic diseases are the result of wrong interpretations by the mind to an experience in life. So, there is a major component of unresolved mental and emotional factors when it comes to treatment of chronic conditions. Also;
3- The human body has an innate and natural ability to heal itself, a quality that if compromised, the body would get stuck and could not move forward easily.

Quantum medicine approach becomes a reliable tool since it can reveal the roots of some of the imbalances as the answer to the problem by analyzing the energetic and electric impressions of the body.

Dr. Parviz Rashvand

What Our clients have to say

Chronic neck & back pain 〉 (BL)

“I came to see Dr. Rashvand as I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. I also wanted to understand whether I was suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  I found Dr. Rashvand to be both empathic and thorough and came away from my appointment with a clearer understanding of my issues and how we might deal with them. The back treatment he gave me resulted in instant relief from long standing pain.”  

Previously Diagnosed MS 〉 (HA, 30, UAE)

“This is my 3rd day taking the meds and already the numbness of my face I can say is has improved by at least 30% and I am so happy about that. Thank you! ”
[Upon my initial assessment, I realized it was not MS but blockages in the structure of her skull and neck affecting the nerve sensory and functions. As she says, her symptoms including numbness in her face have already disappeared. – Dr. P]

Quitting smoking 〉 (Thomas, 28, UK, 2019)

“For over a decade I easily went through a pack of cigarettes a day and multiple failed attempts at quitting. I had read the book ‘Easy Way To Quit Smoking’ by Allen Carr and I was heavily motivated to kick this filthy habit once and for all.
I had mentioned to Dr. P about this and with a glimmer in his eye suggested an Ozone Therapy to re-oxygenate my oxygen starved blood, a Vitamin B12 injection to help calm the nerves, and a selection of frequencies on his Frequency machine that would make my life a lot easier.
I’m not going to say it was a walk in the park to quit, however the intensity of my cravings after this treatment had dropped easily by 90% and I felt empowered that I could finally do this.
As of April 2020, it has now been over 8 months and I am 100% confident that I’ll never smoke a cigarette again after getting the well needed help of Dr. P during the early phases of quitting which I really needed.
I also find it amazing how over the time I’ve quit smoking, I’ve had more money left in my pocket in having those 3 treatments and not buying packs of cigarettes than had I not got that help and kept saying “I’ll quit one day”.
Thanks for making me feel alive again Dr. P.”

Recurring ear infections 〉 (D, 2017)

Dear Dr. Parviz, I am writing this long overdue email to you as a thank you and testimony of all your great work.
My daughter M who is nearly 4 years old was complaining of her ears hurting from the beginning of January 2017, and I kept giving her wax ear drops thinking it will get better, only to realise that after taking her to the ENT that she needed an operation to take the fluid out. The ENT doctor had done sound test in both her ears and they were both straight which meant she was not hearing well because there was fluid inside.
ENT said that she needed an operation which I was not willing to settle for. I knew that you could solve and help and that’s why I brought her to you. After you gave her the medication and she did the frequency and you asked Mira to refrain from certain food, we repeated the tests and sure enough her left ear was showing normal hearing signs. ENT doctor said there was no need for an operation”.
“I am so grateful for all your work and help in fixing my daughters problem. In life we need to be patient to see results, and by refraining certain foods and applying the naturopathy treatment that Dr. Parvez has, we can see a direct shift to a healthier and free from disease life which everyone of us craves for in this life.”
It is because of your treatment that my daughter Mira did not have to undergo an operation to remove the fluid from her ears.
Thank you ever so much for all your help and great energy. With much respect”