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Discover the Power of Self-Healing through the laws of Quantum Physics and the Body-Mind Connection

Let your body talk! Energy is information and informational signals are always there embedded in every pixel of the creation and the most appropriate form of treatment is to know what is needed for that particular individual. Isn’t it? With Quantum techniques, it is easily possible to find answers to many questions about your health, strenght and weaknesses.

Treatments Provided

Autism & ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Autism is NOT a disease, but rather, a condition of disconnection where the Central Nervous System (CNS) loses its grip in controlling and regulating the overall functions of the body. When the balance is lost, the function is lost. Basically, as if nothing works properly in the body of these children! Immunity is out of the balance and that is why there are so many microbes such as viruses, bacteria parasites or fungi are active in them (in the urine of autistic children, Tartaric acid, which is a sole product of yeast, can be found up to 600 times more than what it is in a sample of a healthy child!!!). The digestive system is also out of the balance and therefore there are many food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. They cannot just digest to the end! And let me tell you that when the digestion is not working well, absorption of the essential nutrients become compromised too. So many nutritional deficiencies (minerals, vitamins and so on) are found in them at large. Other areas such as hormone systems and neurotransmitters (local hormones in the brain and nerves) go off the balance too. So, the communications systems of the body and the central nervous system cannot act normal and that is one of the reasons why they are not able to express themselves, talk, learn, or communicate properly. Their bodies also become overloaded with toxins due to excessive production of them, as well as the inability to excrete them properly! To make things easier to understand, let us compare the human body to a country. In these cases, their bodies from inside look like a country that has been invaded and the protective army and police forces are incapable of defending its residence while there is lots of loitering around and no one is safe. In the cities of this country, destruction and damage is seen everywhere. No municipality worker is active and therefore, you will then see piles of garbage everywhere, causing lots of bad smell and contaminations leading to overgrowth of insects and rats; and of course, the bad smell everywhere!
The way to treat them therefore is to recognize the causes of imbalances in them and remove them as much as possible. This will allow the body to regain its control over the functions and improvements start to appear one after another. The results in most of the cases are remarkable. After that, other supporting therapies such as speech, occupational, ABA, etc., will be more effective and will last longer. Basically, the biochemistry of the body will be more balanced than before.

General Quantum Analysis

Quantum devices are a very advanced and non-invasive 21st century technologies based on the laws of Quantum Mechanics in physics. They are designed to record subconscious reactions of a person (even animals) to various energetic stimuli. Like ECG or EEG devices, the quantum machines are designed to receive and analyse signals emitted by the body to show where any blockage could exist. It is basically a tool to allow the physicians to read the body signals for a better understanding the state of health, the body as well as the energy system governing the body. In the case of an infant or a small child, it acts as if the baby speaks out about what is not balance!
The Quantum machines do analysis of the body, emotions, and mind. They are sophisticated. EPFX systems (Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid) are FDA approved. During the test at the clinic, the client remains connected to the device for a profound analysis. More than 11,000 items are challenged energetically to understand the quality of the functions in the person’s by recording the subconscious signals emitted by the client while exposed to various energy stimuli.

With this test, it is possible to analyze and determine the quality of organs and system functions such as:

  • Immunity (assessment of active microbes in the body such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites)
  • Digestion (nutritional deficiencies, excess, allergies and sensitivities, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbs, fats, various vitamins such as A, about 20 forms of B vitamins, C, D, E, essential fatty acids (EFA), Co Q enzymes (the power of heart and muscles), tissue salts and many more
  • Stress and adrenal evaluation
  • Toxicity (liver and blood quality)
  • Aura and chakras assessment
  • Acupuncture meridians
  • Mental NLP programme
  • Stress factors and adrenals
  • Old traumas
    And many more…
Profound Nutritional Analysis

Like an ECG device, Quantum machines are designed to evoke, analyse, and receive signals emitted by the body to show where any blockage could exist. It is basically a tool to allow the physicians to read the body signals for a better understanding the state of health at the body as well as the energy system governing the body. When it comes to the evaluation of the digestive system functions, it is easily possible to determine any nutritional deficiencies, excess, allergies or sensitivities/ intolerances, the efficacy and balance of minerals and amino acids, enzyme productions, digestion of proteins, carbs, and fats, as well as the evaluation of various vitamins such as A, 20 forms of B vitamins, C, D, E, essential fatty acids (EFA), Co Q enzymes (the power of heart and muscles), tissue salts and many more.

Faster Recovery, wounds, surgery, etc.

To accelerate healing, it is crucial to provide as much energy as possible to the cells and tissues for healing. What makes an outburst of energy when healing is in process is the cellular ability to extract energy (of oxygen and food) and to store it. A biochemical compound called ATP (Adenosine Three-Phosphate) is the maim compound which is produced in a cell by an organelle called mitochondrion. The more ATP is made and kept, the bigger energy storage is provided, and a faster healing and recovery should take place. This energy is kept for repair and correct the errors which is the cause of premature aging and not necessarily to keep our body warm! So, the more ATP we have, the younger we stay. It sounds great, doesn’t it! Ozone therapy will do that. Additionally, using a Tesla device called “Pulse Electro-magnetic Field therapy” will be added not only to improve circulation to the target, but also to energize the TMP (Transmembrane Potential) of the cells as if the cellular batteries are charged. A higher cellular TMP, a better respond to normal functions such as faster healing. Dietary modification and special nutritional supplements are always another reliable factors in promoting the healing and recovery.

Female Health, cysts (breast/ ovaries), period issues

There is no doubt that our world today is suffering from many forms of contaminations and toxicities. Compare the quality of our environment now and before the industrial revolution. Millions of tons of toxic and mostly irreversible compounds are released in the Earth’s environment every year and many of which mimic our hormones structurally, especially the fatty ones such as oestrogen. Female issues are mostly caused by such chemical contaminations, as well as emotional traumas of the past. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) philosophy, stagnation of Qi (Chi) or the vital energy would predispose the body to bubble type structures such as cysts, fibroids etc. Using special quantum assessment, it is possible to understand the causes of blockages and remove them to a certain extend for restoration of the normal flow. Special detoxification techniques to detox the body from unwanted chemical and microbes and addressing the hidden traumas will create healing in women and it could easily result in restoration of normal flow and functions in them. Occasionally, Rife frequency devices are also used to accelerate the healing.

Migraine and other forms of Headache

Migraine is s specific form of headache which results when the circulation to the brain is compromised. Migraine pain and discomfort could be sudden and severe and could last for many days. The most prominent quality of migraine is the throbbing sensation of the pain.

The causes of migraine vary from food allergies to stress and hormonal imbalances. But most important factors in migraine are the state of toxicity of the blood and the postural imbalances or blockages, especially around the neck, upper shoulders, and the base of the skull.

A successful therapy for migraine should consist of:

  • The recognition and therefore the elimination of food sensitivities/intolerances and other allergies. This is easily done by using a Quantum Biofeedback device such as Indigo. Food sensitivities have to be treated before any long-lasting healing could take place.
  • Cleansing the liver, blood and body fluid/environment of the body from toxic load by using specially designed natural medicine and individualized dietary advice.
  • Physical alignment of the neck and shoulder structure by resetting the tone of the muscles of neck and shoulder out of long-term spasm, allowing healing of the tissues around. A Tesla Pulsed Electro-magnetic therapy machine is also used to accelerate the healing.
  • There is a strong chance of full recovery (above 90%) unless people do not stay responsible to their health.
      No more migraine headache!!!
      Non-invasive techniques with no additional side effect!
      Guaranteed Improvements!

The outcome of our treatments for migraine and other forms of headache is remarkable!

What our clients say

Autism 〉 (Father of Hamdan, 12 years old)

My son Hamdan is now 12 years old. In March 2022, I met Dr. Parviz to treat Hamdan… The treatment journey began after doing the required analysis… After the results of the examination, the doctor told me that Hamdan has many problems in the digestive system, brain functions, the immune system, etc.. He described he has some natural supplements that help Hamdan to restore his health, get rid of toxins and re-balance the body properly… From the first day of using the supplements, I was surprised that Hamdan slept deeply and comfortably, although in the past he had difficulties sleeping and sometimes intermittent sleep… I also noticed with the passage of days, Hamdan’s behaviour has become more balanced and calmer… He also wakes up from sleep and has a passion for playing and doing some activities and has also become less aggressive, and the outbursts of anger and screaming that were previously for no reason have decreased… Also, his output has improved in an excellent way… In addition, his interaction with children has become better, but he is still not speaking, sometimes trying to imitate some words…
I am very happy with these developments and I hope for more and I hope that Hamdan will become a normal child one day… I am sure that the doctor is doing his utmost to bring Hamdan to safety.

ابني حمدان عمره الآن 12 سنة، في شهر مارس 2022 قابلت الدكتور برويز لمعالجة حمدان.. بدأت رحلة العلاج بعد عمل التحليل المطلوب.. وبعد ظهور نتيجة الفحص أخبرني الدكتور أن حمدان لديه العديد من المشاكل في الجهوز الهضمي ووظائف الدماغ والجهاز المناعي وغيرها.. ووصف لي بعض المكملات الطبيعية التي تساعده على ترميم جسمه والتخلص من السموم و إعادة توازن الجسم بشكل صحيح.. منذ اليوم الأول لاستخدام المكملات تفاجأت أن حمدان نام بشكل عميق ومريح مع انه في السابق كان يعاني من صعوبات في النوم وبعض الأحيان نوم متقطع.. كذلك لاحظت مع مرور الأيام أن تصرفات حمدان أصبحت أكثر اتزانًا وأكثر هدوءًا.. كما أنه يستيقظ من النوم ولديه شغف للعب وممارسة بعض الأنشطة وأصبح أيضًا أقل عدوانية وانخفضت نوبات الغضب والصراخ الذي كان في السابق من غير سبب..أيضًا تحسن الإخراج لديه بصورة ممتازة.. إضافة إلى ذلك أصبح تفاعله مع الأطفال أفضل لكن لازال غير ناطق، بعض الأحيان يحاول تقليد بعض الكلمات
سعيدة جدًا بهذه التطورات وأطمح للمزيد وأتمنى أن يصبح حمدان طفلًا طبيعيًا في يوم من الأيام.. أنا متأكد أن الدكتور يبذل أقصى مافي وسعه ليصل بحمدان إلى بر الأمان

Autism 〉 (SK)

“My son S_____ was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 and was having a difficult time in his mainstream pre-school.  After few days of non-stop crying, he started sitting on a corner of his class room isolating himself from his peers. At some point we even started thinking ofpulling him out of school after incidents of biting and beating other students. Even after 7 months in school, he was still unable to mingle with others. At home also he was very upset with the arrival of his younger sister. He always wanted to avoid her and used to harm her whenever he got a chance. Since I was aware that there is no autism remedies in conventional medicine, I had been in search of alternative medicines and came to know from one of my ex-colleagues about Dr. Parviz Rashvand of Synergy Integrated Medical Centre, Dubai. Even though I didn’t get much support from others I decided to take the ‘risk’.
He has been following the medication since the last November and results are unbelievable. I have seen so many FIRSTS in his life – riding a tricycle, kissing and hugging his younger sister, enjoying swing and slides, playing in group etc. He used to be scared of all these things before. Report from school is also very encouraging.Hyperactivity is subsided considerably and he is much more disciplined now. He is no longer considered as a problem maker and the class teacher is very happy with him. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this in just 2 months’ time. I have full confidence that Doctor will bring my son back to normal life very soon.  I highly recommend Dr. Parviz for all autism parents.”

Miscellaneous treatments 〉 (Ron, 60, Switzerland)

“Being a very rational person, I was initially very reluctant to even go to see Dr. P., but then a severe illness caused me to try him out. With his frequency machine, and not to forget the natural supplements he prescribed, he cured me quickly – and this was the beginning of a long-term relationship! He introduced me to Quantum healing, and what seemed magic now had an explanation! One remote treatment of a family member with whom I was on a trip in Europe, cured her sudden and crippling back pain overnight. With just a hair and saliva sample of a lady that lives in Mexico, he very correctly not only diagnosed her physical state, but also her mental one, which is key for the type of mind/body healing approach of Dr. P. Like this there are several examples amongst friends and family of what Dr. P. is capable of, whether the patient is in his office or continents away! He may explain it all very well in understandable language and concepts, but to me

Distance therapy 〉 (Vincent, 79, Australia)

“Dear Dr. Parviz, A Very Big Thanks: I thank you with all my heart for the most recent Distance Healing treatment you performed on me. This Distance Healing was really necessary because of the long time (over a month) that has elapsed since my last appointment with you at your Clinic. This is due to the Covid-19 lockdown. I was clearly getting “out of tune” with my natural being…
The Benefits of the Distance Healing: The results were quite positively amazing particularly as it all happened while not in your presence as usual. The key points are that a feeling of relaxed wellbeing was created almost immediately but then improved over a few days. Your recommendation of a change in diet has been adopted and this has eliminated my excessive intestinal gas problem. I am now taking your recommended medicine supplements and feeling the benefits. The recent puffiness in my ankles, maybe caused by lack of my normal exercise program and the stress of being confined at home, returned to normal in two days after the Distance Healing session. At the same time most of the pain has gone from my damaged left hip and I am now walking with only slight twinges of pain. I also feel the overall benefits of taking the Plasma Water to mainly protect against the Covid-19 virus. I think it also adds to general wellbeing.
A State of Amazing Brilliance: This experience of Distance Healing has taken my belief in the power of Quantum Medicine to a whole new level of understanding, belief and respect for the technology and also for you and your unique professionalism as a Naturopathic Doctor.
Next Appointment: I would like to book another appointment for Distance Healing with you in about a week and at your convenience. I look forward to be connected by Zoom with you for my next appointment. This will make it more like the “real thing” of being in your presence.”