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Miscellaneous Treatments & Distance Therapy

"Being a very rational person, I was initially very reluctant to even go to see Dr. P., but then a severe illness caused me to try him out. With his frequency machine, and not to forget the natural supplements he prescribed, he cured me quickly - and this was the beginning of a long term relationship! He introduced me to Quantum healing, and what seemed magic now had an explanation! One remote treatment of a family member with whom I was on a trip in Europe, cured her sudden and crippling back pain over night. With just a hair and saliva sample of a lady that lives in Mexico, he very correctly not only diagnosed her physical state, but also her mental one, which is key for the type of mind/body healing approach of Dr. P. Like this there are several examples amongst friends and family of what Dr. P. is capable of, whether the patient is in his office or continents away! He may explain it all very well in understandable language and concepts, but to me it remains magic - that works!"
(Ron, 60, Switzerland)

"Dear Dr. Parviz,
A Very Big Thanks: I thank you with all my heart for the most recent Distance Healing treatment you performed on me. This Distance Healing was really necessary because of the long time (over a month) that has elapsed since my last appointment with you at your Clinic. This is due to the Covid-19 lockdown. I was clearly getting “out of tune” with my natural being….

The Benefits of the Distance Healing: The results were quite positively amazing particularly as it all happened while not in your presence as usual.  The key points are that a feeling of relaxed wellbeing was created almost immediately but then improved over a few days. Your recommendation of a change in diet has been adopted and this has eliminated my excessive intestinal gas problem. I am now taking your recommended medicine supplements and feeling the benefits. The recent puffiness in my ankles, maybe caused by lack of my normal exercise program and the stress of being confined at home, returned to normal in two days after the Distance Healing session. At the same time most of the pain has gone from my damaged left hip and I am now walking with only slight twinges of pain. I also feel the overall benefits of taking the Plasma Water to mainly protect against the Covid-19 virus. I think it also adds to general wellbeing.  

A State of Amazing Brilliance: This experience of Distance Healing has taken my belief in the power of Quantum Medicine to a whole new level of understanding, belief and respect for the technology and also for you and your unique professionalism as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Next Appointment: I would like to book another appointment for Distance Healing with you in about a week and at your convenience. I look forward to be connected by Zoom with you for my next appointment. This will make it more like the “real thing” of being in your presence."
(Vincent, 79, Australia)


"Dear Dr. Parviz,

 I’m sharing below as it may help other patients either with similar ailment or another type of ailment.

In 2015, I was undergoing medical treatment for neuroendocrine small cell cancer, which included chemotherapy, radiotherapy as well as surgery.  This is a very rare but aggressive type of cancer as per the medical doctors.
The side effects of these treatments were very challenging to my health coupled by my SIADH problem.  The process of the treatment was not easy at all and once I was brought to ICU following a session of chemotherapy.

I started looking for additional help and by chance I’ve read about Dr. Parviz and his supporting treatments in alternative medical fields. After lots of thoughts, I made an appointment with him in Synergy Integrated Medical Centre in Dubai.  I started taking the Quantum Bio-feedback, his nutritional medicine, as well as the ozone therapy.  I would say that the treatment I had with Dr. Parviz was very helpful making the process of my medical treatment and its side effects much more manageable.

My treatments with Dr. Parviz were not only beneficial for my physical recovery but also emotional stability.  I continued to visit him as well as taking ozone therapy.  I would also say that Dr. Parviz maintained his personal commitment to ensure that I get the required treatment.  Seeing him much earlier would have been more helpful.

Apart from thanking God, medical doctors, my family and friends who always supported me, I would like to thank Dr. Parviz for playing a major role towards my complete recovery. 

Big Thank You Dr. Parviz.

" (GS, 2015)

"Dear Dr Parviz, I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help, support and kindness following my diagnosis with breast cancer in January. When I first came to see you in January, I felt that my world had ended. I just could not see any light at the end of a very dark tunnel; I was completely and utterly terrified.

Several months on and despite undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatment, it is amazing that I now feel so much healthier than when we first met. You have not only helped me get through this physically but just as important, mentally and spiritually. These are crucial aspects in helping me overcome a frightening diagnosis of cancer.  With your help, I believe I will beat this and go on to live a long and healthy life.
Thank you again and best wishes."

(SO, 2013)

“I started working with Dr Parviz in August of 2007.  I had returned to Dubai following surgery for a brain tumour.  I am a cancer patient with Malignant Melanoma which is, for me, incurable.  I had 2 major attacks of disease with in 6 months of each other and my prognosis was not good for the future.  It was believed that I would suffer another major attack inside of 12 months because the disease had progressed to the brain.  Keen to make my health as good as possible after receiving radiation treatment, I started working with Dr Parviz.  I am pleased to report that 18 months have passed since my last surgery and I am currently well and healthy.

Dr Parviz and I worked on many areas of my health including energy levels, exercise, diet and nutrition.  Supplements were also suggested for me and I still take some of them now.  Our sessions started from twice a week and over a period of 1 year settled down to once every 6 weeks.  I think back to how I felt physically then and how I feel now and the difference is enormous.  I am monitored very closely by my medical team here in the UK and they continue to be pleased with my progress.  I believe that a combination of conventional and non conventional approaches to the management of my disease is the reason I am doing so well.  I try to follow the principles that Dr Parviz taught me and follow the advice he has offered me through out the time I have known him.  I will continue to do so as this will help me manage my disease and give me the best possible chance of survival.  I am extremely grateful to Dr Parviz for his time and his expertise.”

"Hi Dr. Parviz, 
I am feeling much better after my treatment.  As always, I can rely on you to return me to good health.
My back pain and toe numbness disappeared immediately after the Indigo and the Pulse machine.  My appetite has improved and I had minimal tiredness the day after the treatment.  My overall energy has improved. 
Thank you so much. 
Love and light."


"My son S_____ was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 and was having a difficult time in his mainstream pre-school.  After few days of non-stop crying, he started sitting on a corner of his class room isolating himself from his peers. At some point we even started thinking ofpulling him out of school after incidents of biting and beating other students. Even after 7 months in school, he was still unable to mingle with others.
At home also he was very upset with the arrival of his younger sister. He always wanted to avoid her and used to harm her whenever he got a chance.
Since I was aware that there is no autism remedies in conventional medicine, I had been in search of alternative medicines and came to know from one of my ex-colleagues about Dr. Parviz Rashvand of Synergy Integrated Medical Centre, Dubai. Even though I didn’t get much support from others I decided to take the ‘risk’. 

He has been following the medication since the last November and results are unbelievable. I have seen so many FIRSTS in his life – riding a tricycle, kissing and hugging his younger sister, enjoying swing and slides, playing in group etc. He used to be scared of all these things before. Report from school is also very encouraging.Hyperactivity is subsided considerably and he is much more disciplined now. He is no longer considered as a problem maker and the class teacher is very happy with him. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this in just 2 months’ time. I have full confidence that Doctor will bring my son back to normal life very soon. I highly recommend Dr. Parviz for all autism parents."


"Dear Dr. Parviz, As you know I had been going through extreme discomfort and irritation with the eczema that formed on my hand. There simply was no relief from anything that we had got from the supermarket, and even the strongest creams that I could get from the pharmacy. 

When you told me to go and sit in a chair next to your frequency machine, I was highly skeptical at first to be honest, but as none of the conventional and more orthodox ways of doing it wouldn't work, this definitely seemed a long shot. Well, I was happy to be proven wrong.

Within 12 hours the eczema started to slowly heal up but more importantly, I had gotten the relief from what felt like fire ants crawling constantly under my skin. What started off as a bunch of wet blisters, slowly dried up, and although I had some irritation from the dryness, the follow up frequency treatments immediately got to work to remove the irritation and the skin layers starte to repair itself and slowly get back to normal.

I'm also happy to say that the supplements and complimentary Ozone therapy you gave me boosted my energy and allowed me to sleep a lot better as well. I'm still need to research the science behind all of this, but clearly the results speak for themselves and that's all that matters. I cannot thank you enough and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Big love to you from all the family."  
(LH, 64, United Kingdom, 2020)

"Hey Dr. Parviz. Nice to hear from you. I have been following the schedule and it’s going very well. I am also doing lots of cardio in the gym which I feel is helping to release the toxins as well. I am so much better. The itch from my urticaria is only on my back now and I can go outside a little more. Honestly whatever you do certainly made a change to my mental positive vibes. You have a gift, and the fact you are following up makes it even better. Thanks so much. You are a life changer and have a gift from above." 
(CA, South Africa, 2020)

"My daughter had a very severe form of eczema between age 2 and 4. The areas affected were on her arms, behind the knees and under the neck. It was on and off during the period of almost 2 years with a lot of itching and scratching. She would scratch even at night time and her quality of sleep and the mood in general was compromised as it was causing a lot of stress to her body. We were avoiding swimming in the pool as the eczema would aggravate and we didn’t use any commercial bath foams as the chemicals would severely affect her skin. The conventional treatment involved the creams with steroids only. I realized that the side effects of such treatment were much stronger (the skin on her arms started to bleach) and were treating the symptoms only without addressing the core issue. Moreover, the periods between skin eruptions became shorter and it looked like she would be on steroids for a lifetime. The answer I would get is that asthma, eczema and allergies are very common in children today and felt I needed to seek an alternative treatment. It was a vicious circle that was repeating without any clear sign of her health improvement.

After we started seeing Dr. Parviz, he helped her after only one session, but also explained very thoroughly why this was happening. He explained the reason behind eczema and why her digestive and immune systems were compromised. During the Quantum Assessment, he realized that she had a toxic overload (that is apparently very common nowadays due to number of reasons) which has been eliminated through her skin. He also addressed food intolerance to some food items which when undigested, created more toxins. Once we started to eliminate the food causing problems and cleansed her system with nutritional supplements, her immune system was instantly enhanced and the eczema was gone.

The treatment with nutritional supplements of the highest quality was 3 months long (3 times a day) and required a lot of patience as her condition would go up and down due to detoxification process, until if finally settled and now for more than a year she has been fine, without any sign of eczema. It is important to mention that the treatment is non invasive and it stimulates the body to heal itself by eliminating all the bad items that are causing problems.

Dr. Parviz says that we have “emptied the cup” and we could expect that it will continue to fill again, but now I am much more aware of the importance of nutrition and what we should avoid to maintain her health. Quantum Assessment has shown that she should avoid anything containing food additives, preservatives, colorings etc. I have to say that she is a much happier child which enjoys swimming a lot. Her immune system now is strong and she doesn’t have that many colds and flus as she used to have, so I can say that there are certainly more benefits after the treatment.

Thank you Dr. Parviz, your protocol was very successful and I would recommend it to every parent who’s child is suffering from eczema, allergies, food sensitivities, intolerances etc."

Chronic Neck & Back Pain:

"I came to see Dr. Rashvand as I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. I also wanted to understand whether I was suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. I found Dr. Rashvand to be both empathic and thorough and came away from my appointment with a clearer understanding of my issues and how we might deal with them. The back treatment he gave me resulted in instant relief from long standing pain."

Quitting Smoking:

"For over a decade I easily went through a pack of cigarettes a day and multiple failed attempts at quitting. I had read the book 'Easy Way To Quit Smoking' by Allen Carr and I was heavily movitated to kick this filthy habit once and for all.

I had mentioned to Dr. P about this and with a glimmer in his eye suggested an Ozone Therapy to re-oxygenate my oxygen starved blood, a Vitamin B12 injection to help calm the nerves, and a selection of frequencies on his Frequency machine that would make my life a lot easier.

I'm not going to say it was a walk in the park to quit, however the intensity of my cravings after this treatment had dropped easily by 90% and I felt empowered that I could finally do this.

As of April 2020, it has now been over 8 months and I am 100% confident that I'll never smoke a cigarette again after getting the well needed help of Dr. P during the early phazes of quitting which I really needed.

I also find it amazing how over the time I've quit smoking, I've had more money left in my pocket in having those 3 treaments and not buying packs of cigarettes than had I not got that help and kept saying "I'll quit one day".

Thanks for making me feel alive again Dr. P." 
(Thomas, 28, United Kingdom, 2019) 

Recurring Ear Infections:

Dear Dr. Parviz,
I am writing this long overdue email to you as a thank you and testimony of all your great work:
My daughter M who is nearly 4 years old was complaining of her ears hurting from the beginning of January 2017, and I kept giving her wax ear drops thinking it will get better, only to realise that after taking her to the ENT that she needed an operation to take the fluid out. The ENT doctor had done sound test in both her ears and they were both straight which meant she was not hearing well because there was fluid inside.
ENT said that she needed an operation which I was not willing to settle for. I knew that you could solve and help and that’s why I brought her to you. After you gave her the medication and she did the frequency and you asked Mira to refrain from certain food, we repeated the tests and sure enough her left ear was showing normal hearing signs. ENT doctor said there was no need for an operation”
“I am so grateful for all your work and help in fixing my daughters problem. In life we need to be patient to see results, and by refraining certain foods and applying the naturopathy treatment that Dr. Parvez has, we can see a direct shift to a healthier and free from disease life which everyone of us craves for in this life.”
It is because of your treatment that my daughter Mira did not have to undergo an operation to remove the fluid from her ears.
Thank you ever so much for all your help and great energy.
With much respect"

(D, 2017)

Fatigue & Weight Management:

"I came in with extreme fatigue and a continuous weight management issue in February 2014.
I visited several clinics and did a multitude set of tests to find the cause of my extreme discomfort. After several blood tests, CT scan, sonographs, and being told by all doctors that nothing is wrong physically. I’m just stressed ever, nothing!

I started looking for naturopaths in Dubai and only found a handful. Luckily, after reading over Dr. Parviz webpage, decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because what we discovered changed everything for the better in me. Three months after the diagnosis and taking holistic supplements I gained back not only all my weight, but mental clarity and much of my emotional balance.

Thank you Dr. Parviz. I sincerely and greatly appreciate what you have, and continue to do."
(DS, 36, 2014)

Polycystic Ovarian Case (PCOS):

"I heard about Dr. Parviz when I was looking for another way to heal/ manage my PCOS condition. After more than 10 years under birth control pills and other medicines, I thought naturopathy would be a suitable option that I have to seriously consider.

After nearly 40 days with natural treatment and following Dr. Parviz’ advices, I had my periods for the first time in 10 years. I was surprised and very happy at the same time. This result encourages me to continue my therapy with Dr. Parviz."
(LA, 30, 2015)

Muscle & Co-ordination:

"My daughter Salma had difficulty in running and her muscle coordination wasn’t perfect.

We did all the blood work, all the genetic screening and nothing was wrong, so I finally was referred to Synergy by a friend and after only one month I can feel the improvement, she’s more talkative, her color is not porcelain anymore, there’s more energy in her activity.

This is truly a beautiful thing and I’m thankful to God that we were directed in this path."

Colon Problems & Excessive Weight:

"Dear Dr. Parviz, I really cannot thank you enough for your treatment and massive improvement in my health I am experiencing at the moment.

I have lost 6 kilos. I feel lighter better more energized and much more balanced psychologically.

I have cute out of my diet 99% of what you have recommended and I am taking the three wells protocol you prescribed.

My colon problem/ pain has improved by 90% I have fine past the 3 weeks in terms of observing the food.

Again, I am so glad I insisted on seeing you the day I left dubai. :) All the best"
(SA, 55)


"My son suffered from colitis and amoebic infection. As a result he had extremely painful diarrhea and cramps. We saw a gastroenterologist who prescribed antibiotics for the pathogens.
However, I was really worried because of the chances of dehydration so I took my son to Dr Parviz for advice.

My son had a treatment with the biofeedback and I must say by the time we got back home, I had a different child in front of me. He was happy and full of energy. Plus finished all his dinner and only used the bathroom once after which his diarrhea stopped completely.

We had him checked by the gastroenterologist after he finished his course of antibiotics and she said this is the first case she has seen of a child with colitis that hasn’t been admitted to hospital.

I am forever grateful for the amazing job Dr Parviz has done and still does for our family.
(D. W. and Ben)


"Hi Dr Rashvand, Just wanted to give you an update on baby T after her treatment.

 • She has started breast feeding
 • She slept 12 hrs after the treatment, I had to wake her for feeds, generally now i gave found her sleep is more settled.
 • The colic has subsided, not totally gone but manageable  levels and she is far more able to pass the wind herself now.
 • She is a more settled baby in herself

So a real success I am very happy, have shared your details with my mums group so expect a number of my friends  will be coming to see you!
Many thanks
(Miss J)


"A week ago I started having a really bad and congested chest and a fever. I went to see my GP who ordered a chest X-ray. It was bronchitis and I was prescribed antibiotics.

Being a sensible person, it’s always been a challenge for me to take any medication and in cases like that Dr. Parviz is the only person I trust and know can help me.

So, I came to see him and after 3 treatments with the frequency and pulse machine, my chest was clear, my energy was back and I was able to continue as normal.

I am ever so grateful for having met Dr. Parviz and all he has done for me and our family."


"Dear Dr. Praviz. First and foremost, I cannot express my sincere gratitude to you for your tremendous insight and spot on diagnosis.
Suffering with an immense amount of stress over many years, which resulted in Diverticulitis, constant Headaches, Aces and pains, poor blood circulation and as of present, Tinnitus, I have almost accepted that this is just how I am going to end up for the rest of my life. 

My latest experience of numbness in my head resulted in my desperation to find immediate help.

Doctor, your visit to our home, changed my life. As you said 'i found you just in time'. The findings with the Quantum machine is EXACTLY what my symptoms are and no one else could ever pinpoint this to the T, as you have. Your insight and scientific knowledge in this field, surpassed our expectations by a million fold. 

The fact that you immediately offer the alternative in NATURAL Medicine, is a delight. Like a weight off my shoulders. The ease of knowing immediately what to eat and what not too, was another wow element for us. Saving time, money and energy in going from one-doctor-to the other; you captured EVERYTHING in one session. We are truly blessed to have found you.

I look forward to my new path in healing and adapting a new way of life in health.
Thank you Dr. Praviz. Sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. Stay blessed. "
(Charlene, 50, South Africa, 2020)

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