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What is Naturopathic Healing?

The quest and philosophy of understanding multiple angles to best asses root problems so they can be resolved.

The 7 Modalities of Naturopathic Medicine

1. Botanical (Herbal) Medicine


2. Clinical Nutrition and Ortho-molecular Medicine (Including Food Supplements)


3. Homeopathy


4. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


5. Physical Medicine (Manipulation) and Chiropractic Techniques


6. Lifestyle Counseling


7. Constitutional Hydrotherapy


Quantum Medicine:

Quantum Medicine is the medical science of the 21st century. It looks at the body of a person or an entity as a whole, meaning it is a combination of various levels of vital energies around it along with the physical presentation of the body itself. At the same time, it is connected to everything else in the universe!

The scientific basis of the Conventional biology and the Orthodox Medicine is the Newtonian Physics. It is the physics of matters, anything tangible and measureable to the senses or by the equipment used in a physics or biology lab.

Quantum Medicine, on the other hand, utilizes the science of Quantum Mechanic (the physics of very small particles) to help physicians understand the concept of health and sickness in a deeper way.

At the level of small particles, the subatomic world, everything is interconnected. That is how in Quantum Medicine, the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body are all connected together as a whole through the Bliss body!

Unlike the conventional science which sees consciousness as a result of the brain function, in Quantum Medicine, it is proven that the body itself is the result of consciousness. Actually, consciousness is the ground of all that is. When through Kirlian photography, a picture of a leaf is taken, the vital force around it becomes visible and it remains intact even if a piece of the leaf is cut off! So the information is still there regardless!

Therefore, Quantum Medicine helps us to understand the connection in between our body, mind and spirit as a whole person as well as the connection to the past and future and to everything else around us in the universe including to our environment and to the thoughts and our beliefs! So people should be responsible for their health and recovery of their diseases which could be generated not necessarily in the physical body but beyond it and just manifest on us!