My son suffered from colitis and amoebic infection. As a result he had extremely painful diarrhea and cramps.

We saw a gastroenterologist who prescribed antibiotics for the pathogens.

However, I was really worried because of the chances of dehydration so I took my son to Dr Parviz for advice.

My son had a treatment with the biofeedback and I must say by the time we got back home, I had a different child in front of me. He was happy and full of energy. Plus finished all his dinner and only used the bathroom once after which his diarrhea stopped completely.

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S. A., Male, DOB: 14,05,1964

Dear Dr. Parvis,

I really cannot thank you enough for your treatment and massive improvement in my health I am experiencing at the moment.

I have lost 6 kilos. I feel lighter better more energized and much more balanced psychologically.

I have cute out of my diet 99% of what you have recommended and I am taking the three wells protocol you prescribed.


My daughter had a very severe form of eczema between age 2 and 4. The areas affected were on her arms, behind the knees and under the neck. It was on and off during the period of almost 2 years with a lot of itching and scratching. She would scratch even at night time and her quality of sleep and the mood in general was compromised as it was causing a lot of stress to her body. We were avoiding swimming in the pool as the eczema would aggravate and we didn’t use any commercial bath foams as the chemicals would severely affect her skin. The conventional treatment involved the creams with steroids only. I realized that the side effects of such treatment were much stronger (the skin on her arms started to bleach) and were treating the symptoms


Hi Dr. Parviz;

I am feeling much better after my treatment.  As always, I can rely on you to return me to good health.
My back pain and toe numbness disappeared immediately after the Indigo and the Pulse machine.  My appetite has improved and I had minimal tiredness the day after the treatment.  My overall energy has improved.


Testimony of V. M. Female diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma (An Aggressive form of skin cancer)

“I started working with Dr Parviz in August of 2007.  I had returned to Dubai following surgery for a brain tumour.  I am a cancer patient with Malignant Melanoma which is, for me, incurable.  I had 2 major attacks of disease with in 6 months of each other and my prognosis was not good for the future.  It was believed that I would suffer another



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