Dear Dr. Parviz,

I am writing this long overdue email to you as a thank you and testimony of all your great work:


My daughter M who is nearly 4 years old was complaining of her ears hurting from the beginning of January 2017, and I kept giving her wax ear drops thinking it will get better, only to realise that after taking her to the ENT that she needed an operation to take the fluid out. The ENT doctor had done sound test in both her ears and they were both straight which meant she was not hearing well because there was fluid inside.


ENT said that she needed an operation which I was not willing to settle for. I knew that you could solve and help and that’s why I brought her to you. After you gave her the medication and she did the frequency and you asked Mira to refrain from certain food, we repeated the tests and sure enough her left ear was showing normal hearing signs. ENT doctor said there was no need for an operation”


“I am so grateful for all your work and help in fixing my daughters problem. In life we need to be patient to see results, and by refraining certain foods and applying the naturopathy treatment that Dr. Parvez has, we can see a direct shift to a healthier and free from disease life which everyone of us craves for in this life.”

It is because of your treatment that my daughter Mira did not have to undergo an operation to remove the fluid from her ears.


Thank you ever so much for all your help and great energy.

With much respect,


Dear Dr. Parviz,

I’m sharing below as it may help other patients either with similar ailment or another type of ailment.

In 2015, I was undergoing medical treatment for neuroendocrine small cell cancer, which included chemotherapy, radiotherapy as well as surgery.  This is a very rare but aggressive type of cancer as per the medical doctors.
The side effects of these treatments were very challenging to my health coupled by my SIADH problem.  The process of the treatment was not easy at all and once I was brought to ICU following a session of chemotherapy.

I started looking for additional help and by chance I’ve read about Dr. Parviz and his supporting treatments in alternative medical fields. After lots of thoughts, I made an appointment with him in Synergy Integrated Medical Centre in Dubai.  I started taking the Quantum Bio-feedback, his nutritional medicine, as well as the ozone therapy.  I would say that the treatment I had with Dr. Parviz was very helpful making the process of my medical treatment and its side effects much more manageable.

My treatments with Dr. Parviz were not only beneficial for my physical recovery but also emotional stability.  I continued to visit him as well as taking ozone therapy.  I would also say that Dr. Parviz maintained his personal commitment to ensure that I get the required treatment.  Seeing him much earlier would have been more helpful.

Apart from thanking God, medical doctors, my family and friends who always supported me, I would like to thank Dr. Parviz for playing a major role towards my complete recovery.

Big Thank You Dr. Parviz,



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