My son S_____ was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 and was having a difficult time in his mainstream pre-school.  After few days of non-stop crying, he started sitting on a corner of his class room isolating himself from his peers. At some point we even started thinking ofpulling him out of school after incidents of biting and beating other students. Even after 7 months in school, he was still unable to mingle with others.

At home also he was very upset with the arrival of his younger sister. He always wanted to avoid her and used to harm her whenever he got a chance.

Since I was aware that there is no autism remedies in conventional medicine, I had been in search of alternative medicines and came to know from one of my ex-colleagues about Dr. Parviz Rashvand of Synergy Integrated Medical Centre, Dubai. Even though I didn’t get much support from others I decided to take the ‘risk’. 

Hehas been following the medication since the last November and results are unbelievable. I have seen so many FIRSTS in his life – riding a tricycle, kissing and hugging his younger sister, enjoying swing and slides, playing in group etc. He used to be scared of all these things before. Report from school is also very encouraging.Hyperactivity is subsided considerably and he is much more disciplined now. He is no longer considered as a problem maker and the class teacher is very happy with him. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this in just 2 months’ time. I have full confidence that Doctor will bring my son back to normal life very soon.

I highly recommend Dr. Parviz for all autism parents.



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