Name:   Ms. D S

AGE:       36 Y/O

I came in with extreme fatigue and a continuous weight management issue in February 2014.

I visited several clinics and did a multitude set of tests to find the cause of my extreme discomfort. After several blood tests, CT scan, sonographs, and being told by all doctors that nothing is wrong physically. I’m just stressed ever, nothing!

I started looking for naturopaths in Dubai and only found a handful. Luckily, after reading over Dr. Parviz webpage, decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because what we discovered changed everything for the better in me. Three months after the diagnosis and taking holistic supplements I gained back not only all my weight, but mental clarity and much of my emotional balance.

Thank you Dr. Parviz. I sincerely and greatly appreciate what you have, and continue to do.


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