My son suffered from colitis and amoebic infection. As a result he had extremely painful diarrhea and cramps.

We saw a gastroenterologist who prescribed antibiotics for the pathogens.

However, I was really worried because of the chances of dehydration so I took my son to Dr Parviz for advice.

My son had a treatment with the biofeedback and I must say by the time we got back home, I had a different child in front of me. He was happy and full of energy. Plus finished all his dinner and only used the bathroom once after which his diarrhea stopped completely.

We had him checked by the gastroenterologist after he finished his course of antibiotics and she said this is the first case she has seen of a child with colitis that hasn’t been admitted to hospital.

I am forever grateful for the amazing job Dr Parviz has done and still does for our family.

D. W. and Ben


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