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Dr Parviz has a unique and effective way of treating allergies of all sorts. He has helped me and my son manage our allergies in a way no one else has been able to. His amazing knowledge, experience and understanding have served us incredibly well in improving our immune systems and dealing with our allergies and intolerances.


I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in late 2010 at the age of 34.

I had always been fit and active and although I had felt unwell for some time, being informed that I had cancer hit me like a sledgehammer. After the initial shock, came the anger and the even the feelings of guilt that it was somehow my own fault. 

I received an outline of my treatment which was to comprise almost a full year of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy and started treatment almost immediately. It initially felt as though I was only a passenger on this journey and that all I could do was hold on and hope for the best. 

I received an outline of my treatment which was to comprise almost a full year of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy 


A week ago I started having a really bad and congested chest and a fever. I went to see my GP who ordered a chest X-ray. It was bronchitis and I was prescribed antibiotics.

Being a sensible person, it’s always been a challenge for me to take any medication and in cases like that Dr. Parviz is the only person I trust and know can help me.

So, I came to see him and after 3 treatments with the frequency and pulse machine, my chest was clear, my energy was back and I was able to continue as normal.

I am ever so grateful for having met Dr. Parviz and all he has done for me and our family.


I came to see Dr. Rashvand as I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. I also wanted to understand whether I was suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

I found Dr. Rashvand to be both empathic and thorough and came away from my appointment with a clearer understanding of my issues and how we might deal with them. The back treatment he gave me resulted in instant relief from long standing pain.


Hi Dr Rashvand,

Just wanted to give you an update on baby T after her treatment.

  • She has started breast feeding
  • She slept 12 hrs after the treatment, I had to wake her for feeds, generally now i gave found her sleep is more settled.
  • The colic has subsided, not totally gone but manageable  levels and she is far more able to pass the wind herself now.
  • She is a more settled baby in herself



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