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Autism, in our opinion, is not a disease by itself but a group of symptoms in every body function due to a huge loss of balance.

Health is the state of balance. When the balance is compromised in any level (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) or in our surrounding and environment (in what to eat/ drink or how to eat), or in our inabilities to resolve mental and emotional stagnations such as traumas, feeling not good, abandonment, being not loved, scared or angry all the time, etc, it creates the symptoms of disease. In Autism, the loss of balance is extremely vast and profuse!

  • Immune system imbalances result in the growth of many (hidden) microbes deep inside the body. For instance, in the urine sample of an autistic child, Tartaric Acid, a sole product of yeast could be found up to 600 times of the normal urine! That means fungi can grow up to 600 times more than usual in the body of an autistic child!
  • Digestive system imbalances result in the loss of effective digestive power and therefore, lack of absorption of the nutrients. Therefore, autistic children suffer tremendously from numerous nutritional deficiencies which are felt by every cell in their bodies.
  • Detoxification systems under excessive pressure due to the unusual toxin productions (not being able to digest food) or as a result of active microbes in the body! So toxins are everywhere in autistic children!
  • Unresolved mental and emotional factors also play an important role in the further loss of balance in these kids since they cannot express themselves properly! Consequently, tantrum, anger, banging the head and many other issues are raised.
  • Other related symptoms include eczema and other skin issues, compulsive and repetitive behaviour, loss of asleep, energy imbalances including fatigue and hyperactivity, constipation/ diarrhea or loose stool with faulty smell and many others will slowly happen too.
  • Being born through caesarean, the child could never develop a correct spinal balance in the body. Spine is the main column of the body and every other structure is built upon that. When the spine is not balance in position, it can never allow correct neural conductions, therefore giving a bigger chance for more organ and system function imbalances. Let’s not forget that the nerves extended from spinal cord (including the autonomic nervous system, of ANS) act as electrical wires to transfer a message from the brain (or the centre of the spinal cord) to a target organ to keep homeostasis, the overall balance of the body functions. They all have to be corrected!

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