Allergy Testing Dubai:

Allergy testing has never been easier ever before! Thanks to the 21st century Quantum technology of EPFX system (anFDA Approved device based on GSR,Galvanic Skin Resistance), it is easy to measure the energetic reaction of an individual to various stimuli from food to environmental factors. It is non-invasive, accurate and free from any pain or blood sampling and discomfort. Therefore, it makes it very suitable for infants, babies, childrenand even adults who are looking for an easier and more accurate ways of testing!
Thousands of items could be checked and assessed instantly which makes it a unique approach for having a broader understanding of the causes, as well as the items to trigger an allergic response!
Allergy Treatment Dubai
Allergies, sensitivities and intolerancesare just broad names to describe adverse inflammatory reactions which happen to some people when they face an allergen, an otherwise normal food or environmental particle/ substance that could trigger an exaggerated immune response. We should knowthat real allergies are very rare in comparison!
Allergic reactions could vary from mild skin eruptions to severe anaphylactic ones which considered a medical emergency. People experience the allergic reactions in different parts of their body/ organs from skin to digestive or respiratory track. The symptoms could include skin redness and itch such as hives to blisters and eczema with ooze. In others, the allergies could affect respiratory pathway, causing anything from shortness of breath to runny nose, burning sensation of the throat and itch to sinusitis, asthma and migraines. Many others show digestive discomforts such as severe bloating, constipation or diarrhea as well as various abdominal pain which are repeated frequently!
The Therapy includes a general assessment of the body systems and organs to evaluate the depth and the complications involved in a step by step protocol:
  • To rectify the imbalances in the functions:
    • Immune system:to eliminatehidden active microbes (in the gut or other tissues)
    • Digestive system to bring the power back, so not only to digest more efficiently but also to absorb better so to overcome the nutritional deficiencies which are almost everywhere and in every cell
    • Detoxification system to get rid of the toxins faster and more reliably, both from inside the cells as well as the intracellular environment
  • To repair the damaged organs and systems from the cellular matrix to the cell membranes and cellular organelles
  • To clear the unresolved mental and emotional factors!

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