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Dr. Parviz Rashvand ND

Certified Naturopathic Doctor in Dubai
  • The issue with the back pain is bothering many people in our society for mostly lack of physical movements. In fact, many back problems are related to chronic misuse and overuse of the back muscles and spinal column. A sedentary … Continue reading
  • Genital Warts In general, warts are considered as a type of benign skin tumour. The cause is viral and for this reason, many of them are contagious. The worst are the Genial ones since some of them are related to … Continue reading
  •   Dr. Parviz Rashvand N.D. discussing how you can get rid of your warts naturally, even in the sensitive area. With this approach, there is a high probability that this condition will not re-occur. Safe, effective and definitely no pain. … Continue reading
  • Amazing therapy for relieving pain and discomfort due to a disc problem in the back 100% Safe with No Side-effect  Disc Degeneration (vertebrae, back bones), Disc Dislocation and the Naturopathic Treatment/Healing Signs and Symptoms: Localized nagging or sudden sharp pain … Continue reading
  •   Migraine Headache is s specific form of headache which results when the circulation to the brain is compromised. It could be sudden and severe and could last up to days. The most prominent quality of migraine is the throbbing … Continue reading


Friday, 02 May 2014 04:14

Frequency Therapy

Frequency Therapy

Frequency is the unique vibration or energetic signature that every element in the universe carries. To make it simpler, it is the movement pattern of atoms and molecules that comprise every entity in our universe, including microbes and our cells. If you look at the Earth, the sun, galaxies, air, water, etc, all are in constant movements. You might look at a solid object around you and think “well, it is not moving”! However, if you look at the molecules that have made that solid item under a microscope, you will know that they are moving constantly. In another word, they are vibrating constantly! This is the signature energy of that specific item which is unique to that item only. With this technique, it is very much possible to destroy many forms of microbes by exposing them to specific energy frequencies in form of light, sound or radio waves. It is also used t help people with allergies, itching, sinusitis, abscess, depression, etc to name a few.

Professor Royal R Rife realized that if he feeds a microbe (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) with similar energy patterns through Audio (sound) or Radio waves or frequencies, he can hyper-energize those molecules to a point that they cannot handle the extra force and therefore, break them apart without causing any damage to any other molecules. He used this technique and was able to cure cancer 100% successfully in 1934 (articles available online, Cancer Cures, Royal Rife).

Friday, 02 May 2014 04:09

Reference point therapy

Reference Point Therapy

Reference Point Therapy (RPT) is used to address the underline cause of the disease by recognizing the emotion that feeds any particular chronic disease.

Monday, 28 April 2014 22:21

Ozone Therapy

Why do we get long-term sickness? Why do we go through premature aging? What is
the real reason for that?
I’m talking about chronic, degenerative and auto-immune diseases (such as Cancer,
Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or even Diabetes). Of course, everyone talks about the
immunity and so on! Sure; but what is the ultimate reason for those?
Well, after many years of practice in both conventional and alternative fields of
medicine, I believe I have found the answer to that and I am going to share it with you

It is the LACK of OXYGEN UTILIZATION by our cells!!! That is when our cells remain
deprived of the right amount of oxygen at their core. Why that happens is another story
and it could have many other reasons behind it. However, like many people who eat
very healthy but still suffering from nutritional deficiencies, or many others who drink
plenty of water but still dehydrated and thirsty all the time, oxygen could also not be
absorbed or reached to the cells properly! This means a low-grade suffocation process
at the cellular level! So basically our cells fall into a cascade of destruction due to the
lack of oxygen available to them!

What does oxygen do in our body?
Oxygen is the most used element by our bodies, of course! When it reaches the cells,
after passing through the membrane of the cells (cellular breathing), it enters the power
house of the cells, an organelle called “Mitochondria” to combine with fatty acids or
glucose to produce energy. The energy is then stored in us in a form of a biochemical
compound called ATP. It is what we all need ultimately to be called a living entity!!! A
more quality of ATP production is a better health and less disease. As a matter of fact,
according to Frank Shallenberger MD, the No 1 man in Ozone therapy in the US, the lack
of oxygen utilization is responsible for almost 99.9% of any chronic or auto-immune
diseases including cancer in us!

The Art of Prevention and its Effectiveness

Prevention is the easiest and most reliable way to stay away from diseases, including
premature aging! It is the cheapest and most effective way. In a world of overwhelming
stress and diseases such as cancer and diabetes, people should protect themselves and
their loved ones, only not by following a better life-style (including better food choices,
rest and exercise which are crucial factors), but to make sure the level of oxygen stays
high in their cells at all time. This is different than having oxygen only in the blood! It is
the ability to use oxygen by the cells!
Intravenous application of ozone/ oxygen, in the form of ozone is the best way to reach
that goal. The results are imminent and it carries NO adverse effect whatsoever! Try it
for yourself and you will be surprised with how it makes you feel.

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Doctor Parviz Rashvand

Dr Parviz is a pioneer in many areas of Naturopathic Medicine and Alternative Medicine in Dubai. He is trained in Allergy Testing, Chronic Pain Management and Stress Management. He combines many different natural modalities including the newest Quantum Medicine.

dr ParvizDr. Parviz is extremely passionate about helping patients suffering from cancer, MS, Autism and other severe auto-immune and degenerative conditions. He says: “Naturopathy is the art of improving quality of health” and he sees amazing results.

This site is about sharing important information that has the potential to impact the quality of health and standard of living of people.





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