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Friday, 02 May 2014 04:14

Frequency Therapy

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Frequency Therapy

Frequency is the unique vibration or energetic signature that every element in the universe carries. To make it simpler, it is the movement pattern of atoms and molecules that comprise every entity in our universe, including microbes and our cells. If you look at the Earth, the sun, galaxies, air, water, etc, all are in constant movements. You might look at a solid object around you and think “well, it is not moving”! However, if you look at the molecules that have made that solid item under a microscope, you will know that they are moving constantly. In another word, they are vibrating constantly! This is the signature energy of that specific item which is unique to that item only. With this technique, it is very much possible to destroy many forms of microbes by exposing them to specific energy frequencies in form of light, sound or radio waves. It is also used t help people with allergies, itching, sinusitis, abscess, depression, etc to name a few.

Professor Royal R Rife realized that if he feeds a microbe (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) with similar energy patterns through Audio (sound) or Radio waves or frequencies, he can hyper-energize those molecules to a point that they cannot handle the extra force and therefore, break them apart without causing any damage to any other molecules. He used this technique and was able to cure cancer 100% successfully in 1934 (articles available online, Cancer Cures, Royal Rife).

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