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Monday, 28 April 2014 22:21

Autism Dubai

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Autism Dubai

Autism is a multi-system dysfunction. Basically, something happens during the early childhood that result is the loss of control by the brain. Therefore, every system and organ function start to go out of balance. Immune system weakens resulting in the growth of many different micro-organisms within the body (Tartaric Acid, a sole production or yeast, can be found up to 600 times of the usual values in the urine of autistic children). Digestive weakness leads to inability to digest, resulting in many food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances and of course, many nutritional deficiencies due to a compromised absorption.

Neurotransmitters (the local hormones within the Central Nervous System) are pushed out of the balance resulting in loss of coordination and cognitive behavior. These children become disconnected from the world and lose their abilities to communicate and interact. Toxic substances start to build up in their bodies and from heavy metals to others, they compromise a normal cellular function. Autism has a lot to do with the environmental imbalances since the more toxic and un-natural environment (including the life-style, excessive vaccinations, food and water qualities, emotional blockages and so on), the more probability of the condition. That is why the ratio of autism over all has decreased to about 1 in 70 kids today to compare with 1 to 10,000 only a couple of decades before!

There is no single treatment for autism, however, by recognizing and eliminating the disturbing elements to health or Negative Factors (including active microbes in the body, toxins such as heavy metals and other disturbing chemicals, and emotional/ energetic stagnations), the improvements become inevitable and not just physical, but functional enhancements are achieved. Read more on the “Causes of Autism”.
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