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Dr. Parviz Rashvand

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Quantum & Integrative Medicine
UAE & Canadian Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Improve your Health by the Power of Nature!


The Medicine of the 21st Century

What if I told you that I could prove to you through quantum mechanics and evidence based science in the medical field, that your body can tell me exactly how it is feeling, and what it would need to improve without you having to say a word?

It will tell me exactly everything from the obvious, to the deepest rooted emotional experiences which affect our mind, body and spirit, and from that, the body's reaction to it. 

Everything is energy, and by harnessing that energy in a coherent language, blended with nearly 4 decades of experience of traditional western medicine, to traditional chinese medicine, and everything in between, we are able to provide unique natural solutions to bring the body into a state of balance.

Health is a state of balance, not an absence of diseases!

Before any device is turned on, or any treatement is given, I spend my time to get to know you. I want to know your story. 

Your story is your unique path through life that makes you who you are. By knowing that, I will allow you to paint a beautiful picture of who you are, what you have been through, and where you want to go. 

From that point, I will let the science, experience in the medical field, and love for healing take over and provide solutions to the best of my abilities to heal you.



Quantum Analysis

A complete analysis of the mind, body, and soul down to the deepest emotional spots of the universe.


Pulse Therapy

Using one of Nikola Tesla's inventions to permeate the deepest parts of the body to bring it back into balance.


Ozone Therapy

Oxygen is the escense of life. Ozone Therapy provides that boost of life your body needs to function at its highest of abilities.


Dry Needling

Our bodies take a battering in daily life. Dry needling allows us to get to the deepest of blockages of energies in the body and releasing it to work at full capacity and ease.


Frequency Therapy

Everything is energy that vibrates at their own frequency. Our frequency treatment focuses on specific parts of the body that need their frequency fine tuned.


  • Cancer: "In 2015, I was undergoing medical treatment for neuroendocrine small cell cancer, which included chemotherapy, radiotherapy as well as surgery. This is a very rare but aggressive type of cancer as per the medical doctors.The side effects of these treatments were very challenging to my health coupled by my SIADH problem. The process of the treatment was not easy at all and once I was brought to ICU following a session of chemotherapy.I started looking for additional help and by chance I’ve read about Dr. Parviz and his supporting treatments in alternative medical fields. After lots of thoughts, I made an appointment with him in Synergy Integrated Medical Centre in Dubai. I started taking the Quantum Bio-feedback, his nutritional medicine, as well as the ozone therapy. I would say that the treatment I had with Dr. Parviz was very helpful making the process of my medical treatment and its side effects much more manageable. My treatments with Dr. Parviz were not only beneficial for my physical recovery but also emotional stability. I continued to visit him as well as taking ozone therapy. I would also say that Dr. Parviz maintained his personal commitment to ensure that I get the required treatment. Seeing him much earlier would have been more helpful. Apart from thanking God, medical doctors, my family and friends who always supported me, I would like to thank Dr. Parviz for playing a major role towards my complete recovery."
  • Fatigue & Weight Management: I came in with extreme fatigue and a continuous weight management issue in February 2014. I visited several clinics and did a multitude set of tests to find the cause of my extreme discomfort. After several blood tests, CT scan, sonographs, and being told by all doctors that nothing is wrong physically. I’m just stressed ever, nothing! I started looking for naturopaths in Dubai and only found a handful. Luckily, after reading over Dr. Parviz webpage, decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because what we discovered changed everything for the better in me. Three months after the diagnosis and taking holistic supplements I gained back not only all my weight, but mental clarity and much of my emotional balance. Thank you Dr. Parviz. I sincerely and greatly appreciate what you have, and continue to do.
  • Chronic Back & Neck Pain: I came to see Dr. Rashvand as I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. I also wanted to understand whether I was suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. I found Dr. Rashvand to be both empathic and thorough and came away from my appointment with a clearer understanding of my issues and how we might deal with them. The back treatment he gave me resulted in instant relief from long standing pain.


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